UGC NET Paper books free download pdf

UGC NET Paper books free download pdf: Dear friends here you get  UGC net paper solved pdf which will cover your net exam syllabus for paper as well. This books’ author ( Narayan Changde) has a great experience towards teaching aptitude study material ebook.  So UGC net study material free download available here. This book is also useful for CBSE NET/SET/SSC/B.ED/TET Exams. UGC NET COMPLETE BOOK PAPER 1.

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UGC NET Paper 1

A few contents of the UGC NET Paper  books available as free download pdf:

1.1 Introduction. 1 1.2 What is teaching? 1 1.3 Role of a teacher. 2 1.4 Teachers and their tasks . 4 1.5 Characteristics of a Great/Good Teacher. 5 1.6 Method of teaching  6 1.6.1 Pedagogy paradigms. 7 1.6.2 Recent trends in pedagogy Paradigm’s.  8 1.7 Traditional teaching method . 10 1.8 Modern teaching method. 10 1.8.1         Lecture.       11 Advantage of lecture method.  11 Disadvantage of lecture method.  12 Strategy to make the lecture method more interesting. 12 1.8.2 Demonstration method.   12 Advantage of demonstration method. 12 Disadvantage of demonstration method 13 Strategies to make demonstration method more effective . 13 1.8.3 Discussion method.   13 Advantage of discussion method . 13 Limitation of discussion method. 14 Strategies to make discussion method more interesting.  1.8.4 Programmed instruction method.    14 Advantages of program instruction.     14 1.8.5 Disadvantages of program instruction.     15 Strategies to make program instruction method interesting.   15 1.8.6         Heuristic method. 15 Advantages of heuristic teaching method. 15 Disadvantages of the heuristic method.  16 Strategies to make the heuristic method more interesting. 16 1.9 Teaching aid. 16 1.9.1 Visual teaching aids. 17 etc.


UGC net study material free download

try a few questions of this book:

  1. The least justifiable use of the results of a standardized reading test is to A. identify areas of pupil deficiency. B evaluate the reading instruction programme. C   Serve as a basis for report card marks. D Serve as the basis for a parent conference.
  1. A good    teacher’s    priority    in    his    school shall  be his  A   Principal B  Secretary of the Managing Committee C   Colleagues D. Students
  1. An empowering school will promote which of the following qualities the most in its teachers? A tendency to experiment B  memory C disciplined nature D  competitive aptitude.
  1. A teacher  should  be A       Honest B       Diligent C               Dutiful D       Punctual
  2. The first   Indian   chronicler   of   Indian   history  was:  (June-2006) A       Megasthanese B       Fahiyan C       Huan  Tsang D               Kalhan
  3. Which of the following statements is correct?  (June-2006) A Syllabus is a part of the curriculum. B       Syllabus is an annexure to the curriculum. C Curriculum is the same in all educational institutions affiliated to a particular university. D Syllabus is not the same in all educational institutions affiliated to a particular university.
  4. The most  important  objective  of  teaching is  to A facilitate students when it comes to the construction of knowledge and understanding B       cover the Syllabus  timely C create a friendly environment inside the classroom or teaching-learning process D       attend  and  takes  the  classes  regularly and  timely
  5. Environmental  education  should  be  taught in  schools  because A       it  will  affect  environmental pollution B.          it is an important  part  of life C       it will  provide job  to  teachers D       we  cannot  escape from an environment
  6. The    most    important    challenge    before    a teacher is A       To   maintain   discipline   in   the   class classroom B.    To  make  students  do  their  home homework C.    To  prepare question  paper D               To  make the teaching-learning  process enjoyable
  7. The idea that Basic Education is education through crafts A       True  as  far  as  the  rural  areas  are  concerned B       The whole  truth  of the schemes C       The  complete  truth  even  for  urban  areas D               True   to   some   extent   only   because the concept  is  deeper
  8. The term prejudice in a person is colored by A               A hasty judgment about a situation with an unfavorable B Judgment and assessment of a situation without any favoritism C Partial observation and acquaintance of a situation without any motives D Pre-judgment of a situation with a view to settling a  conflict in haste.
  9. Which of the two given options is of the level of understanding? I) Define noun. II) The define noun in your own words. (June- 2006) A Only  I B               Only  II C       Both  I and  II D       Neither I nor II
  10. Which of the following is not instructional material?  (December-2006) An Over Head  Projector B       Audio  Casset C       Printed  Material D               Transparency
  11. Which of the following statement is not correct?  (December-2006) A               Lecture   Method   can   develop   reasoning B       Lecture   Method   can   develop   knowledge C       Lecture Method  is one-way process D       During   Lecture   Method   students   are passive
  12. Gifted students are A       non-assertive of their needs B independent in their judgments C independent of teachers D introvert in nature. UGC NET Paper books will contain all free download pdf.
  13. Of the following learning theories, the one that embodies the idea that the learning takes place through insight is known as A Gestalt B       Stimulus-Response C       Connectionist D       Pragmatic
  14. The main  objective  of  teaching  at  Higher Education  Level  is  :  (December-2006) A       To  prepare  students  to  pass  examination B               To  develop  the  capacity  to  take  decisions C       To  give new  information D       To  motivate  students  to  ask  questions during  lecture
  15. Which of the following statement is correct?  (December-2006) A       Reliability  ensures  validity B       Validity  ensures  reliability C               Reliability    and    validity    are    independent  of each  other D       Reliability  does  not  depend  on  objectivity
  16. Which of the following is not a type of the learned motives? A               Reflexes B       Habits C       Attitude D       Interest
  17. Assessment for learning takes into account the following except A               mistake  of students B       learning  styles  of students C       strengths  of students D       needs  of students
  18. Which one of the following is an example of a fine motor skill? A       climbing B       hopping C       running D               writing. You will get such questions in UGC NET Paper so books free download pdf will very useful for your preparation.
  19. Which would be the best theme to start within a nursery class? A       My  best  friend B       My  neighborhood C       My  school D               My  family
  20. The teacher’s    role    at    the    higher    educational  level  is  to:  (June-2007) A       Provide  information  to  students B               Promote self-learning  in  students C       Encourage            healthy            competition among  students D       Help  students  to  solve  their  personal problems
  21. Which     one     of     the     following     teachers would  you  like the most:  (June-2007) A       Punctual B               Having  research  aptitude C       Loving and having high idealistic philosophy D       Who  often  amuses  his  students
  22. In order to install a positive environment in a primary class, a teacher should A wish each child in the morning B narrate stories with positive endings C allow them to make groups on their own on the basis of Sociometry during group activities. D not discriminate and set the same goal for every child.
  23. Successful inclusion requires the following except. A involvement of parents B capacity building C       sensitization D               segregation.

UGC NET Paper books free download pdf

Free Download PDF

Hope you enjoyed this UGC NET Paper books free download pdf, UGC net paper solved pdf, exam syllabus for paper as well. So you have seen this author (Narayan Changder) experience towards teaching aptitude study material ebook.  So UGC net study material free download have done by you. You should know, This book is also useful for CBSE NET/SET/SSC/B.ED/TET Exams.

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UGC NET Paper 1 books free download pdf
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