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Adhunik Bharat ka Itihas in Hindi Pdf: आधुनिक भारत का इतिहास : परीक्षा दृष्टि | संघ व राज्य सिविल सेवा हेतु | प्रारंभिक व मुख्य परीक्षा हेतु उपयोगी ! | अशुतोष सिन्हा | नव दृस्टि प्रकाशन। bharat ka itihas in hindi pdf free download यहाँ उपलब्ध है। Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas By Ashutosh Kumar Sinha-(Hindi).

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MODERN INDIA Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas in Hindi

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Which European country was the first to expand its trade in India and that too in an effective manner? – Portugal.
In whose territory on the Indian mainland Portuguese built their fort? – Cochin.
Which place was the head-quarter of Portuguese in India? – Goa.
Where the remains of Portuguese culture are found in India? – Calicut.
Who is credited with the discovery of the sea route to India?- Portuguese.
In the seventeenth century. Who had kept control over the majority of western coastal trade in India?- Portuguese.
Which Portuguese had conquered Goa?- Alphanso-De-Albuquerque.
Who was the first to come and last to return from India?- Portuguese.
Who was the first Portuguese viceroy in the East?- Francisco -De – Almeida.
The word ‘caste* * has been taken from which language?- Portuguese.

Adhunik Bharat ka Itihas in Hindi Pdf

Who discovered the sea route to India via-cape of good￾hope? – Vasco de Gama.
Vasco de Gama came to India? – In 1498 at Calicut.
Who was the real founder of Portuguese power in India?- Albuquerque.
Who became the first viceroy of the Portuguese colony in India? – Almeida.
Who established trade relations with India for the first time in the medieval period? – Portuguese.
The Europeans who for the first time established sea – trade centers – Portuguese.
The first factory established by Portuguese in Bengal- Hugh.
Which was the  European power to capture Pondicherry in India? – Portuguese.
Who made Hugli a base camp to utilize it for piracy in the Bay of Bengal? – Portuguese.
From whom the Portuguese conquered Goa?- Bijapur.
Who was the ruler of Bijapur during Portuguese’s Goa expedition? – Yusuf Adilshah.


• Who formed Joint Stock Company for the first time to trade with India? – Dutch.
• The Dutch defeated the Portuguese in modern Cochin and the built Fort William there.
• The Dutch established their factory in Bengal at- Chinsura.


• Who was the first Europea n to start the policy of intervention in the disputes of Indian rulers for the purpose of capturing territory in India? – Duplexi.
• Which was the main French colony in India?- Pondicherry.
• In which battle the Britsh it is h defeated the French completely? – The battle of Wandiwash.
• When was the French East India Company formed?- 1664 A.D.
• Which battle proved to be decisive in Anglo-French enmity in India? – The battle of Wandiwash.
• Who was the founder of the French company in India?- J.B. Colbert.
• Where did the French establish their first factory in India?- Surat.
• The French failed to establish a power movement in the Daccan because of -The powerful military of the Britishers.
• The battle of Karnataka was fought between- The British and the French.
• The first battle of Karnataka came to end by- Treaty of-Axi-La-Chapelle.
• What was the reason for the third Battle of Karnataka? – The seven-year war in Europe.

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