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CTET UPTET Paper-2 Practice Book: Dear aspirants, we are providing CTET books for paper 2 free download here keep practicing  CTET UPTET model papers so that maximum you can score.

CTET UPTET Paper-2 Practice Book in PDF Free Download





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This CTET UPTET book Contains Test Booklet/Practice set/Model Paper in four parts, i.e., Section I, II, III and IV.

Child development and Pedagogy

Social Studies / Social Science

Language I (English)

Language-2 (HINDI) भाषा -२ हिंदी

Please Try These Questions from CTET UPTET Paper-2 Practice Book:

Section-I: Child Development & Pedagogy
DIRECTIONS: Answer the following question by selecting the
most appropriate options.
1. Gender bias refers to :
(a) differential treatment of boys and girls based on expectations
due to cultural attitude.
(b) genetic differences that exist between boys and girls.
(c) perception of self as relatively feminine and masculine in
(d) acknowledgment of differences between boys and girls
due to their physiology.
2. As an upper primary school teacher, you have quite a few
child who is ‘First generation school goers’ in your
classroom. Which 1 of the following is you most likely
to do?
(a) Call the parents and gently ask them to enroll their
children for tuition.
(b) Provide scaffolding and other kinds of support during
classroom activities and for homework.
(c) Give them homework of memorizing and copying the
answers in their notebooks five times.
(d) Tel 1 the children that they do not have the capability to
study farther and they should now help their parents
at work.
3. Even children of the same age vary greatly in appearance,
abilities, temperament, interests, aptitude amongst other
things. What is the role of the school in this regard?
(a) Ensure that each child gets opportunities to develop
as per her potential.
(b) Lay down normative standards of assessment for
(c) Ensure that the teacher uses standardized instruction
and textbooks.
(d) Ensure that all child develop in the same manner,
4. A teacher s most important role in an inclusive classroom is:
(a) to plan for the class so that every child progresses at
the same pace.
(b) to ensure that the lecher gives standard instructions
to the class.
(c) to find out the occupations of parents of children so
that the teacher knows what each child’s future
occupation would be.
(d) to ensure that every child gets an opportunity to realize
her potential.
5. How would you help children in your class to make changes
in their concepts?
(a) By giving children an opportunity to express their own
understanding of the concepts.
(b) By dictating the information to the children and then
asking them to memorize it.
(c) By punishing children if their concepts are wrong.
(d) By giving factual information

Social Studies / Social Science CTET UPTET Paper-2 Practice Book

1. Choose the best method from among the following to
encourage students to talk about gender roles in a Social
Science class at the upper primary level.
(a ) Lecture by an expert.
(b) Visit to an exhibition.
(c) The Internet search by students.
(d) Guided discussion on experiences.
2. A portfolio is an important tool for continuous and comprehensive
evaluation because
(a) it provides minimal information.
(b) it indicates skills developed in the students.
(c) it is compulsory.
(d) it is easy to implement.
3. Which type of learning source are you encouraging your
students to use? when you show them a historical monument?
(a) Textual source (b) Graphic resource
(c) Folk resource (d) Primary source
4. “think that you have come across 2 old newspapers reporting
on the Battle of Shrirangapattanam and the death of
Tippu Sultan. 1 is the British paper and the other is from
the Mysore. Write the headline for each of the two newspapers.”
What is the reason for including this activity in the history
textbook of class VIII
(a) Develop the concept of diversity of views in students.
(b) Create a record of annexation by the British.
(c) Communicate British policies to the masses.
(d) Develop writing skills in students.
5. The National Curriculum Framework (2005) suggests that
Social Science must link a child’s life at school with :
(a) life outside the classroom
(b) bookish knowledge
(c) teachers’ expectation
(d) life inside die classroom

Section-Ill: Language I – English CTET UPTET Paper-2 Practice Book
DIRECTIONS (Q. Nos. 1-9): Read the passage given below
answer the questions that is the most
appropriate options.

One of the unhealthiest emotions is anger. It destroys our ability to
think clearly, properly and in totality. Anger also has an adverse impact
on health. If someone asks a selection of people what triggers their
temper, you would get a wide range of answers. However,
whatsoever the cause, even a single word spoken in temper can leave a
lasting impression on the person’s heart and has the ability to destroy the
sweetness of any relationship.
A sage which said, “How can there be calm on earth if the hearts
of men are like volcanoes ?” We can live in harmony with others
only when we overcome anger and make room for trace.
therefore how can we set about creating that sensation of peace within ourselves
7 It starts with the realization that we do have the choice to
think and feel the way we want to. If you look at what it is that makes
us tempered, you might discover there is nothing that has the power
to make us sense this way. you can only allow something to trigger
our temper – the temper is a way in which we respond to an event
or person. But because you are so used to reacting on impulse,
we forget to choose how we want to think and end up
reacting inappropriately, leaving ourselves with temper feelings.
Meditation helps us create personal peace within ourselves,
therefore, we have a chance to look, weigh the situation, and
respond same, remaining in a state of self-control. When
we are in temper, we have no self-control. At that moment, you are in a
state of internal chaos, and temper can be a very destructive force.
The stability that comes from the exercise of meditation can create a
firm foundation, a type of positive stubbornness. one can say
whatever they want, and it may also be true, but we don’t lose our
peace or happiness due to that. This is to respect what is
eternal within among of us.
We give ourselves the opportunity to maintain our own
calm of mind because let’s face it, no one’s going to turn up at
our door with a tub full of peace and say, “Here, 1 think you could
do with some of this today!” There is another method which could be
described as sublimation or the changing of form. With daily
exercise and application of spiritual principles in our practical life,
the experience of eternal peace can come naturally.
1. Why should we not get angry with a friend
(a) It affects health.
(b) It ruins our relationship.
(c) It damages our intellectual ability.
(d) It may give us a heart attack.
2. The antonym for the word, ‘triggers’ is :
(a) prolongs (b) deviates
(c) controls (d) excites
3. The synonym for the word, ‘adverse’ is :
(a) successful (b) unfavorable
(c) similar (d) angry
4. Which part of speech is by the underlined word
can leave a lasting impression on a___________
(a) Pronoun (b) Verb
(c) Adjective (d) Noun
5. Meditation helps us create personal space.
Voice in the above sentence has been truly changed in:
(a) Personal space has been created by meditation.
(b) We have been helped to create personal space.
(c) Personal space is helped by meditation.
(d) We are helped by meditation to create personal space.
6. What is anger?
(a) It is our reaction to an event or person.
(b) It is the release of our pent-up emotions.
(c) It is an effort to avenge ourselves.
(d) It is a loss of control over our temper.
7. Getting angry___________
(a) gives us a feeling of superiority
(b) makes us feel ashamed of ourselves
(c) affects our digestive system
(d) affects the clarity of our mind
8. How can we get peace of mind?
(a) By accepting life as it comes
(b) By enjoying good healthy
(c) By overcoming anger
(d) Through prolonged medication
9. To overcome anger, meditation helps us by
(a) giving us the choice to think
(b) remaining in a state of self-control
(c) offering us a wide range of answers
(d) removing the trigger

Language Hindi CTET UPTET Paper-2 Practice Book

CTET UPTET Paper-2 Practice Book
Language-2 (HINDI) भाषा -२ हिंदी


CTET UPTET Paper-2 Practice Book in PDF Free Download

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CTET UPTET Paper-2 Practice Book in PDF Free Download

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