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Ghatana Chakra Monthly Magazine January 2018 PDF
Ghatana Chakra Monthly Magazine January 2018 PDF: Why is the state assembly of Gujarat going to be so popular in the elections all over the country? Why was the election filled up so much for the media? Why not?
The prime minister is from this state. Prior to the election of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the opposition was in the process of consolidating the opposition by placing the prime minister in his home state. The prime minister was not too short, accepting the challenge and compelled the opposition to play on their pitch and won the fight for the thorns. But the real winner in this election was the voter of Gujarat. People of Gujarat emerge more sensible than the political understanding of the opposition and the opposition. People also expressed their displeasure with the government and also conveyed that the opposition needs to be more strong. While the voters jumped the BJP, the Congress got out of the trunk and gave Sanjivan to them. BJP along with Gujarat also won the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections. Although it has not been discussed much. More talk of Himachal Pradesh took place with the fact that its Chief Ministerial candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal lost the election. After winning both the states, the BJP is ruling over 19 percent of India’s geographical area, 68 percent of the population and 54 percent of the economy covering the economy. This has never happened in the past 25 years. These 19 Governments will have a very important role in the 19th battle. Anti-power trends will also be a big factor in this election. People ask tough questions to power. If the Opposition appears to fight fiercely on the road, then people can stand behind Rahul Gandhi in Modi’s Gujarat. In this cover article, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assembly elections have been presented with the detailed explanation.
Ghatana Chakra Monthly Magazine January 2018 PDF download
The black fad has once again appeared in the form of paradise papers as proof of its globalization. Documents related to paradise papers are reported in 180 countries. There are some big names in it, but before the investigation, it is difficult to say who has been involved in the creation of black money. In fact, black money has been a big problem for the national economies and strict stance is still desired. ‘Paradise Papers: Secret of Abominations’ in the above article, discussions on black money have been presented.
Malik Muhammad Jaisi was related to Chishtiyya of Sufi tradition. His most amazing work is Padmavat. Jaisi wrote this great work in Awad in 1540 AD, its manuscript was found in Persian script. In the 16th century, its translation was also available in Bangla language. Ramchandra Shukla, a prominent critic of Hindi literature, published his version of Padmavat in 1924. Compared to the era of these great creators today, there is probably more danger of reviving history. Such a modification is due to the film from the change-literature or our ancestors were more tolerant and modern and we are the so-called medieval. Topical articles focused on aspects of Padmavati film controversy are presented in this issue.
Ghatana Chakra Monthly Magazine January 2018 PDF download
The summit of the world’s premier regional association ‘ASEAN’ concludes in Philippines’s capital Manila. The topical article on ‘ASEAN Summit and India’ has been presented in this issue.
The free supplement with this issue is presented on the subject of general geography (geography of India), which will definitely prove useful for the test takers.
In the year 2018, 25 years of contemporary event cycle publication has been completed. As a result of the relentless and hard work of our colleagues, we have been successful in the continuous quality publication of the magazine. To make this occasion a celebration, we are giving our readers a 12-page attractive colorful calendar gift with this issue. Hopefully, our reader will like the effort. The reader’s comments on our efforts are always waiting.
Ghatana Chakra Monthly Magazine January 2018 PDF download
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Ghatana Chakra Monthly Magazine January 2018 PDF download
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